Essay Papers On Race

As a result, bicultural realization and objective racial identity is achieved.

Parham relays white people directly to black identity in a manner that moves the blacks from the unconscious to conscious.

Therefore, ethnic distinctiveness is also a social difference or contrast.

Actually, skin color identifies a person with a portion of a society hence functioning as an identity card.

Secondly, individuals repeatedly must sieve via media messages and negative handling from others for their ethnicity and race.

The information above affirms that the individuals with the status of minorities are largely disadvantaged in the society.

One of these models is that of Cross (1971) where he shows a fit black progressing starting as a non-Afrocentric then progresses to Afrocentric and lastly multicultural distinctiveness.

Conversely, there are situations where an individual feels shameful and disconnection when they are identifies with a certain group especially in situations where negative ethnicity is observable giving negative public messages room to dominate.

For him, racial or ethnic identity development cycle is a lifelong activity that goes on continuously for blacks.

His theory suggests that persons go through feelings of anger towards whites that leads to development of a positive black reference frame.

This is evident every day in ways of life of the Americans, and their attitudes and behaviors.

In most of the minority norms and cultures, they rarely install particular identities in line with ethnicity.

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