Essay Shopping Store Four Years From Now Essay

” Another question related to this is: when I see, for example, a lot of trousers very cheap but nobody has bought them, I think “this is very suspicious”!

The second question is that in the sales, all the shops and the shopping malls are full of people and you must do long queues!

The main idea that will be portrayed in this comparison is that online shopping is usually for those people who prefer to sit at home and do not really want to see the product physically before buying it .

Online shopping had been invented for those people who do not have the time to go to the shops and do all their shopping .

There has been a vast increase in the variety of products that are available online for the shoppers to buy .

And now, I would like to ask you: what do you think about shopping online, sales and the consumerism?Hence , there is a need to keep a thorough check on such procedures .Security is the main reason and there is no debate bout that . There are a variety of products that have lesser price and there may be some that may have a higher price online .I like going shopping, especially in the sales, because you can find a lot of special prices.But there are some questions related to going shopping that I don’t like. There is a lot of competition for any type of store. There is hundreds of people who do this where I live.Undoubtedly, every person has to buy things from time to time.Online shopping has become a major outbreak in the world of Information Technology .Online shopping had been created for those shoppers who do not have the time and the money to go to a shop and they would rather go online and buy their things there .This is because, when you see a good bargain, you don’t think if you really need it, you only think: “it‘s cheap! ”Nowadays, we have another possibility to buy: we can shop online.On the one hand, this is good because it is very fast and easy, because you can buy without leaving your home.

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