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This is because technology has allowed individuals to operate in a paperless world, but at the same time individuals are increasing the number of copies of their information which is falling in the wrong hands.In the next section the author states that researchers are focusing on the research of STS and they are especially focusing on how the two fields including science as well as technology are impacting the environment of various social institutions.The author states that as an individual increases his/her acceptance of technology in their life, their privacy starts declining.Furthermore the demand for a paperless society has even threatened the privacy of individuals within the society.However, if we accept this argument, we will be at a great puzzle.It is so because; the needs of human society have been existing since the day one.Your al affiliation Abstract This paper explores different articles that report on the research studies conducted to examine e Books evolution and usability in order to predict its future.It analyses e Books impact on technology, science, and society in general.

The society at some point relies on the level or quality of information scientists or researchers usually brought out to the public.Whatever we see around us, it reminds us the manifestation of science.It is argued by the technology pessimists that these are the needs of the human society that compel the people to make inventions, as it is well known quote that "necessity is the mother of invention".Various secondary terms have been created in attachment with technology due to the broadness of the field.The author states that in order to define technology an individual needs to consider the various characteristics of technology.Body In the introduction section of the text the author discusses the involvement of technology in the society and its impact on society.The author focuses on the issue of privacy and how it has been impacted due to the use of technology.Now it has become quite difficult to create a difference between science and technology because of the inventions of several scientific technologies such as biotechnology. The discovery of the nuclear age marked the beginning and end of history.In the next section the author provides a brief overview of the entire textbook which is divided into three main sections. Contemporary technology: Innovations, issues, and perspectives. The World War II saw the launching of atomic bombs to destroy the Japanese and German Empire, and to cripple UK and France’s global influence, in order to keep the US and USSR in power.Conclusion In the first chapter of the textbook the author first focuses on some aspects of technology such as privacy and paperless society and how it has impacted the society. The atomic bombing in Nagasaki and Hiroshima on August 6 and 9 in 1945, by the US government portrayed the magnitude of the damage that can be caused by the nuclear weapons.Moving forward, the author tries to define technology and states that it is very difficult to create a definition of technology since the field has become quite broad. 90, 000- 160, 000 people in Hiroshima and 60, 000- 80,000 in Nagasaki died within the first two to four..... [Last accessed on 25/01/2011] Peterson, G., Cunningham, S., Deutch, L., 2000, The Risks and Benefits of Genetically Modified Crops: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, available from [Last accessed on 25/01/2011] Sakko, K., May 2002, The Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods, available from accessed on 25/01/2011] Science Daily, April 2010, Genetically Engineered Crops Benefit Many Farmers, but the Technology Needs Proper Management to Remain Effective, Report Suggests, available from.......

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  1. It is our ability to orient our mental models to view reality through an emotionless lens seeking the truth by questioning our own assumptions and deconstructing arguments logically.