Essay To Sonnet 3 Essay About Brisingr

For the ploughing imagery compare: Disdains = is contemptuous of.tillage of thy husbandry The farming and ploughing metaphor continues.The window can be both a barrier to and a point of contact with the world beyond.

some mother = some woman whom you might marry and cause to be a mother. Ploughing the womb, (as the plough enters into the soil so does the man enter into the woman), and sowing it with seed (semen) leads to children, as ploughing and sowing the land leads to crops.

The line could be read as a sort of tetchy imperative - 'Die as a single person then, if you must be so stubbornly inclined!

While known as a playwright, Shakespeare also composed sonnets well worth their own fame.

But if he chooses to remain single, everything will perish with him.

Looke in thy glaſſe and tell the face thou veweſt, Now is the time that face ſhould forme an other, Whoſe freſh repaire if now thou not reneweſt, Thou doo'ſt beguile the world,vnbleſſe ſome mother.

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