Essays On Frederick Douglass Learning To Read And Write

Once Douglass had learned to read, he read newspapers and other articles about slavery.He began to form views on human rights and how people should be treated.However, Frederick was an intelligent young man and wanted to learn to read.Over time, he secretly taught himself to read and write by observing others and watching the white children in their studies.At the young age of seven Frederick was sent to live at the Wye House plantation.He seldom saw his mother who died when he was ten years old.These people were called abolitionists because they wanted to "abolish" slavery.

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Author Douglass wrote down his story of slavery in an autobiography called Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Later, he would write two more stories of his life including My Bondage and My Freedom and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.He disguised himself as a sailor and carried papers that showed he was a free black seaman.On September 3, 1838 he boarded a train to the north.It is true that Douglass’s narrative was written during a time when American life was very different from what it is today — the ramifications from slavery and tragedy consumed much of Douglass’s life.However, my argument is this: just because Frederick Douglass lived a long time ago, during a time in American history that is hard to imagine, does not mean that his narrative has any shortage of lessons to teach the modern student.Women's Rights In addition to speaking out for the freedom of slaves, Douglass believed in the equal rights of all people.He was outspoken in his support for women's right to vote.He also taught other slaves how to read, but this eventually got him into trouble.He was moved to another farm where he was beaten by the slave owner in an effort to break his spirit.Douglas and Anna settled down in New Bedford, Massachusetts.Abolitionist In Massachusetts, Douglass met with people who were against slavery.

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