Essays On Neanderthal Man

Most of them involve Homo Sapiens in one way or another, considering that the Neanderthal's extinction coincides with the early human's estimated arrival in Europe from their original home in Africa. The first theory states that modern humans killed off the Neanderthals.

In one aspect of how we are evolving our understanding of ourselves as human being is the debated issue of whether or not Homo Neanderthalensis provided any genetic material to the human genome.

Neanderthals lived engaging lives 30,000 years ago; but their extinction proved the shortcoming of their lifestyles. No one knows the real reason why and how they died out, and as I mentioned, our sources of information on the Neanderthals cannot guarantee 100 % accuracy....

Cannibalism in Neanderthals Some scientists have arguably stated that Neanderthals had the tendency to be cannibalistic.

This species is known for their receding forehead and prominent brow ridges.

We know this species as the uncivilized or unintelligent person or group.

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