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There are many things to consider when rape is being charged.When you hear the word "rape," what do you think of?They should be aware of their surroundings, don’t go places you know are considered rough alone, use the buddy system at night, carry pepper spray or mace, take a self-defense course, learn to have self control at parties and other functions, and learn to use your voice and yell out “help” if you should ever need to.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, as you can see in the first chart I handed out, in 1998 93,103 women were raped in the U. As seen on the 2nd chart I handed out in 1999 North Carolina had 2,100 rapes reported, but only 1,255 of them were actually charged according to the Sate Bureau of Investigation Report. But I just give her all my advice, and offer her a place to stay. She tells me that suicide is still an option in her mind. The essays were usually written by a friend who was told that his or her friend had been sexually assaulted. I slowly tied it around my neck when all of a sudden I heard the front door open. Sometimes talking to someone helps clear your mind. It was shocking to discover that 12 of the essays described rapes and attempted rapes. My friend told me that as long as I continue being her best friend that she will block out all the bad things and start to think about the future."Well, I lived with my parents for 12 years of my life. We tried our best to understand one another, but on the other hand my family had many problems with the men being in and out of jail and having many babies back to back. I really don’t want to go into details about what happened but all I’ll say is that I was raped…yes raped by my own blood cousin. I never told anyone because I didn’t want to hurt my grandmom. Just when you think that family is the one by your side, they prove you wrong. Well everyone thinks of honesty, keeping secrets, someone who you can confide your most private moments or your ugliest ones. Trust is someone that you know is like a teddy bear—when you tell them something you know they won’t be spreading it around. But there is one event that gets to me every time I think back. We were talking about what we wanted to do in high school. I told her that when I talked to her I felt safe, that I didn’t care about what they think about me, that she had gained my trust and that I wanted her to feel the same. I had no words but all I could think of was ‘Why don’t you leave this guy? He will kill me,’ and the look he gave me was scary.Then my uncle and aunt called my mom and they offered me a better place to stay where I can go to school and achieve some of my goals. On top of that, my aunt had kids that she couldn’t take care of because she was on drugs, so my grandmom took them under her wing. I told my friend but now I have to let the world know that family can harm you just as well as people you don’t know. She has tried almost everything, but this guy was always a step ahead.If you imagine a stranger jumping out of the bushes on a dark night and attacking someone, you are only partly right because most rapes are not committed by strangers, but by men who know their victims, who often have gone out with them previously and are supposedly their friends.This phenomenon is called "acquaintance" or "date" rape. Most of the girls were assaulted between the ages of 9 and 18. Then my uncle came into my room and gave me some money to buy new shoes. "When he was finished he locked me in the closet, and left for work. At that moment I felt that suicide was the only way out. Confiding in my best friend gives me just enough strength to get through another day. Every time that she was alone with him he would try to take her pants off or touch her in her private parts. As a reader, reviewing essay after essay, the effect was immense. It makes me feel at ease when I talk to my best friend, because she can always relate to me. So finally after a few minutes of silence she started to tell me that her boyfriend kept pressuring her to have sex.

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