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Later in the process, a more detailed plan will be needed, but the one-page plan is great for getting in the door.

is also great for early-stage companies that just want to sketch out their idea in broad strokes.

Occasionally this type of business plan is also used to recruit or train or absorb key employees, but that is much less common.

A formal business plan document is an extension of the internal business plan, or the Lean Plan.

No, this doesn’t mean a very small font size and cramming tons of information onto a single page—it means that the business is described in very concise language that is direct and to-the-point. First, it can be a great tool to introduce the business to outsiders, such as potential investors.

But, if you’re embarking on a more significant endeavor that’s likely to consume a significant amount of time, money, and resources, then you need a business plan.If you are writing a plan for a restaurant, details about location and renovations might be critical factors.And, the language you’d use in the biotech firm’s business plan would be much more technical than the language you’d use in the plan for the restaurant.dispenses with the formalities that are needed when presenting a plan externally for a loan or investment and focuses almost exclusively on business strategy, tactics, milestones, metrics, budgets, and forecasts. The first Lean Plan takes just a few hours to do (or less), and a monthly review and revision can take only an hour or two per month.These lean business plans skip sections like company history and management team since everyone in the company almost certainly knows this information. Lean business plans are management tools used to guide the growth of both startups and existing businesses.is more detailed than a one-page plan and includes more financial information, but it’s not as long as a traditional business plan.Lean Plans are more likely to be used internally as tools for strategic planning and growth.It’s mostly a snapshot of the internal plan as it existed at a certain time.But while the an internal plan is short on polish and formality, a formal business plan document should be very well-presented, with more attention to detail in the language and format.Instead of a static document, business plans in existing businesses become dynamic tools that are used to track growth and spot potential problems before they derail the business.Before you even start writing your business plan, you need to think about who the audience is and what the goals of your plan are.

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