Example Of Essay Introduction Essay About Iraqi Culture

Many students, from high school to college level, do not know how to describe themselves.They mix up ideas as they do not really know what they need to include in their writing. This may include communication, computer, education, languages, leadership or anything else you find worthy. Describing oneself is one of the most complicated tasks.I am hard working because my parents taught me to loathe laziness since it is the beginning of poverty and miserable life.My view of life is that all humans are equal regardless of their cultural, racial and religious backgrounds as well as gender.This is why I have friends whose cultural and other backgrounds are diverse.

A cheerful, cordial and accommodative person is how many people know me. Well, I appreciate that there is a thin line between being social and respectful.

I have been a school captain in Team Handball and Badminton.

Today, I still participate in these games as a coach.

Regarding my personality, I am one person who is outspoken and likes socializing and making new friends.

The number of friends I have in college is uncountable because I have no boundaries when it comes to building relationships.

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  1. Usually, you do not need to list addresses and contact information in the essay itself, but it is a good idea to be specific about the name of the organization you have done service with and where it is located.