Fleet Management Business Plan Professional Papers Written

Included on the team were division heads, the city controller, and the deputy controller, who Campbell said were key to gaining buy in.

“If you have several top officials in your city helping to write the business plan, it helps you to be able to sell the case to bring it back in house,” he explained.

An improved interface and enhanced features mean WEBFLEET is now more powerful than ever before, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any screen.

Find everything you need to help save on fuel, maintenance and administration costs, while delivering the quality service your customers demand.

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A key factor of the business plan was costs — both the cash outlay and the potential savings.

“We believe the door is still wide open for a partnership of Tom Tom with an industry player in automotive,” they said in a note, citing Toyota as a possible partner.

Tom Tom’s revenue from map licensing is expected to grow for at least the coming year, with deals made in 2016 with Volkswagen and others offsetting a broader decline in group sales because of its declining satnav hardware business.

They say it will be left trailing behind both Google and market leader Here Technologies, which is owned by the three biggest German carmakers.

“That’s not a scenario we’re planning for,” Goddijn said, adding that carmakers should be wary of becoming dependent on Google software.

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