Fsu Film Thesis Trailer

With four professional studios at its disposal, the academy utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, and gives each student an overall education in production, creation, teaching, research and global film history.

Camille Benda California Institute of the Arts, Valencia“We think of our costume designers as storytellers,” says Camille Benda, a veteran costume designer and a member of the faculty in the costume design program in the Cal Arts School of Theater.The school is fully equipped to enable students to successfully complete their films from page to screen.The CCC offers a two-year scriptwriting and audiovisual cinematography production course, as well as a continuing education program that is open to the general public.Alumni from the program work all across the entertainment industry, while students benefit from the school’s deep relationships with networks, production companies and studios.The CSUN Cinematheque runs a regular film series for students and the public.Beijing Film Academy Beijing Established in 1950, the academy is the lone institution of its type in China, while also serving as the largest film school in all Asia.With China becoming the world’s fastest-growing film market, more interest and importance has been placed on the country’s quest to both produce its own films and bring in talent from all over the world. What kickstarts fearlessness and the will to win, to create, to innovate?How do aspiring entertainment artists and executives develop the skills to tell tomorrow’s stories and find the tools to build the next generation of platforms to sustain an industry where disruption is the new normal?A special documentary program for indigenous filmmakers has been a highlight at the CCC.California State University Northridge The Department of Cinema and Television Arts has become one of the most sought-after programs in Los Angeles, offering seven programs of study, as well as access to the best equipment and facilities available, including industry-standard film and television sound stages, suites for post-production and sound-mixing, a new media lab, suites for animation and digital/visual effects artists, and a 130-seat screening room.

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