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Whether we like it or not, another school year is about to begin, and with that comes the H-word…HOMEWORK.(Lots and lots of homework in some cases…) I'm a huge believer in creating a homework space, or homework station as it is often called, where you post assignments, keep a due-date calendar, keep all the supplies and materials needed, so when it comes to homework, there's a set system, place, and routine for everything.Like the clipboards, you can get these practically anywhere.And they are great to use because if you know things a few months in advance, you can easily write those items down as well as all the current monthly items that you need to keep track of.If you wanted, you could divide your wall file organizer by designating the bottom space for homework that needs to be done, the middle for homework that needs to be checked/signed off by you, and the top for school forms/fliers.However you do it, have a DESIGNATED place for important papers so they don't get shoved in a dark corner of your house somewhere, only to be lost forever! I recommend keeping common homework and art supplies within arm's reach of your homework station so there is NO excuse for them to not do their math! But in my years of raising little, creative, messy, artistic people, I've learned how helpful it is to have an area for them to color, draw, and of course, work on projects and homework! I got the clipboards from the Target Dollar Spot but you can find them on Amazon or wherever. I also have a sturdy wire basket (also held on with Command Hooks) that I use to keep papers for me, papers that don't have a due date, papers regarding extracurricular activities, mail, or whatever else.Otherwise art supplies and glitter clue are constantly stacked and scattered all throughout the my house. We hang them on our wall using wire Command Hooks (no more nail holes! I have little plastic baskets below the upper cabinets that I use to keep projects that are in progress, mail that needs to be sorted through, electronic cords, office supplies I don't want the kids to have access to (tacks, ink pads, staplers, etc), or whatever else is floating around the desk and needs containing.

Organization and functionality is universal – kids, or no kids!

If your kids are anything like mine, then the first thing they probably do when they walk through the door after school is take their backpacks off and throw them on the ground. Our kids have cubbies in our mud room that they use on the weekends, and otherwise, they hang their backpacks on the back of their designated chair at our homework station.

Here are some cute backpack ideas from Pinterest: Loosing important school papers is the absolute worst!

Initially, there was a big wall that the original family used as their TV area: When we redid our kitchen this winter, one of the first goals was to turn that (awkward if you ask me…) area into a functional homework station for our kiddos! The biggest lower drawers are filing drawers that we use to store printer paper, coloring books, construction paper, card stock, notebooks, and other paper items.

The drawers are full of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and pencils that the kids need to complete their homework and art projects. That's how we do it in our home, here are some tips, tricks, and ideas for implementing a homework station in YOUR home!

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