Great Expectations Essay Prompts

The first of these characters is Joe, the kind-hearted young man, who loved Pip very much.Second, is Estella, who is the attractive, cold-hearted young lady whom makes Pip love her all his life.

When Pip makes up his mind to propose to Biddy, his intentions are crushed when the news is given to him that Joe and Biddy are to be wed." It's my wedding day, and I am married to Joe! " (109), suggest that she's using Estella as a conduit for revenge on men.Pip even receives a fortune from a secret benefactor to pursue an education and he does this along with obtaining wealth, success and high social class in the hopes of becoming worthy in the eyes of his beloved Estella.Pip lives with his abusive older sister and her kind husband Joe Gargery in the Kent marshes. For some of us this includes visiting that aunt whom you know will pinch your cheeks till they turn a scarlet red and than talk to you as if you were an infant.Brief Synopsis The narrator, Pip recounts his life story from his childhood to how he matures and grows up to becoming a young man.Throughout this transformation, one thing remains unchanged. Allingham from material reproduced courtesy by Wikipedia. The Character of Estella One of our first thoughts, like readers, when we finish the novel is to establish two lists; one of good characters and other of bad characters.Last, is Miss Havisham, who is the lady whom raises Estella, and makes her hurt all men, In this Five Paragraph Essay, I am going to tell you about three people that had a very firm hold of Pip's future.Last, is Miss Havisham, who is the lady whom raises Estella, and makes her hurt all men, In the novel Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, many characters have a great influence on Pip's life.Since this paper is devoted to the character of Estella the question would be: is she a good character or a bad character?But, before beginning the analysis of Estella in the novel which will try to give an answer to this question, we are going to deal with the symbology of the name of Estella.

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