Grendel Essay Evil

But he was not brave at all; he is described as a large figure with the strength to pick up the weight of a grown man and consume him whole.But, Grendel is shown as somewhat of a coward because he only attacks at night when the guards of the mead hall are asleep.Grendel can be proved as a monster for multiple reasons.

Grendel was big in size, and had the strength of many.

Grendel is presented as a monster, a demon, and a fiend.

He was "spawned in that slime," a reference to the biblical story of Cain slaying his brother Abel, a horrible sin. Grendel instills horrendous fear in the Danes, and with good reason.

He is incredibly strong, once smashing thirty men at one time before dragging them all back to his lair. He has "swift hard claws," "powerful jaws," and "great teeth." Grendel also has magic powers.

Despite his size and strength, Grendel can also be quick, quiet and stealthy. He has cast a spell so that the warriors' weapons cannot hurt him: "[T]he hardest iron could not scratch at his skin."Grendel is filled with hatred and blood lust.

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