Ground Rules Ptlls Essays

Students are not permitted to drive in this environment until they have passed their driving test.

This would be a motivating and ongoing development of their driving skills and would provide a current assessment with positive feedback to the student on this new challenge.

Once an individual task had been completed to a satisfactory level I would praise them on their personal achievement and they were capable of achieving obtaining their driving licence.

When the student had achieved their aims of passing the driving test I would provide free of charge a theory and practical lesson in how to enter, exit and drive on a motorway.

Flip chart paper is often a good tool to use for this method.

The advantage with this method is that a more confident student, can, and often does in my experience, do the charting up, and the quieter student is more likely to participate.

Students need to know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you during the course.

That student’s should be encouraged to contribute, discuss and learn from the feedback.

Additionally the briefing will inform participants can use opportunities to advise students to Once I have identified the student’s motivation I would develop an individual plan that would remove each of these barriers and enable the student to move to the next level.

At the end of the briefing session participants will be aware of what inclusive learning involves, how to motivate and engage students and establish ground rules.

Participants will be learning the importance of providing students with constructive feedback to assist with motivating their learning.

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