Helen Aveyard Doing A Literature Review Rhetorical Analysis Essay Of The Declaration Of Independence

extremely helpful as the prospect of reviewing literature can be quite daunting." Vicky Bain, Student Nurse, University of Nottingham, UK "A comprehensive, easy to read guide which will help students to understand how to undertake a literature review, and how to use the resultant information effectively." Anne-Marie Warnes, University of Central Lancashire, UK "As a student, currently writing a literature review, I found this an extremely helpful book, which is invaluable in demystifying some of the more challenging elements, while at the same time providing clear, simple, appealing and appropriate guidance.

This is a must have for undergraduate nursing students, and indeed all healthcare students embarking on such projects." Audrey Grace, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland This bestselling book is a step-by-step guide to doing a literature review in health and social care.

I think getting the question right is the hardest part #Open UPChat One of the best parts of my role is helping those who think they don’t ‘get’ research to find out that they do.

One example is to use the IMRa D format – Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion (5). There are different frameworks available for structuring this section. Log on to the NHS Scotland library catalogue to see what is available and contact one of our friendly librarians for advice, training and on-going support.

The use of subheadings will make the review easier to read and will help the reader to understand the points you are making. (See References section for a link to the library catalogue).

Most undergraduates have to undertake some form of literature review which may be daunting, this book explains it in an clear, easy to understand format.

Explanations are given as to why undertaking a literature review is undertaken.

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  1. Further, you are required to identify a theoretical framework; develop research questions; describe the nature of the study in terms of the research design and methodology; describe ethical research; and identify possible types and sources of information or data.