How Long Is The Average Thesis

But none of this would have happened if not for all the seemingly incidental steps along the way, all of which were beyond my ‘core’ Ph D work. A visit from the procrastination fairy Academic on the inside?So in this case trying to save time in the short-term by cutting out a seemingly extraneous activity would have been completely unproductive in the long-term. ’ There is of course no single answer (we’ve all heard the stories ranging from ‘the beast that wouldn’t die’ to ‘the trailblazing prodigy who puts everyone else to shame’), and different research fields, institutions, and life experiences along the way combine to make each person’s Ph D journey unique.Nonetheless, I want to share some numbers based on a detailed tally of where I spent my time during my Ph D.This is how I spent my time overall: The data categories are: The average time split between these different tasks is shown in the pie chart and table below. The time split between these categories is quite variable both week-to-week and over the whole duration.

Does this mean that I should not have done as many professional activities and finished on time?

I was in some ways fortunate to be a position that was flexible regarding long hours, and without anyone relying on me.

I began my Ph D when I was 26 and finished when I was 29, was not married, and don’t have a family.

Firstly, I don’t think it would have been possible to hurry the work and ideas much more than I did – these things just need time to a certain extent.

Ideas develop sporadically (sometimes slow and grinding, and sometimes in ‘aha moments’), and I don’t think it’s possible to ‘speed up’ the process of good ideas past a certain degree of effort and commitment.

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