How To Teach Problem Solving Skills

Then again the questions can be very interesting in themselves.This is partly because they involve some detective work, which most people enjoy.The following are some reasons that are frequently suggested as to why you should include problem solving in your maths programme. Currently much credence is being given to a theory of learning called constructivism.This proposes that we construct our knowledge through our experience rather than absorbing what we are told.

The novelty of the problems seems to add to their interest.

The interesting thing is that the children who are producing these ideas are not always the ones who we generally think of as being good at mathematics.

Even apparently relatively weak children may have ideas that turn out to be fruitful.

Most of the problems used in problem solving have more than one solution.

So each of them can be approached in a variety of ways, some of which are sophisticated and some of which are less sophisticated.

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