I Have Failed My Dissertation

Awards ‘with Distinction’ are to be made only to candidates of exceptional merit and who have reached this standard at the first attempt. The Examiners shall, if either of them so wishes, require a candidate to attend an oral examination or, where this has not already been prescribed, a written examination. If the Examiners suspect that plagiarism has taken place in any written paper or dissertation, the School Disciplinary Committee will consider the alleged breach of the regulations as per the procedures outlined in 5.

A dissertation should take the form of an extended essay or of a report on a project undertaken by the candidate during his/her programme of study.

Disable your internet and turn your phone on silent.

Come into your writing space having already done the research you need for that day’s writing task.

6.7 Where the Examiners recommend that a candidate be permitted to revise and resubmit a dissertation, or that a degree or Postgraduate Diploma be awarded subject to minor corrections to the dissertation, the Internal Examiner will be responsible for ensuring that a written statement giving details of the revisions or minor corrections required is sent to the School Office.

Instead, try to write for a longer, uninterrupted time.

You will not be researching or looking anything up during your writing time (research and editing are discrete tasks, believe it or not, and should be done in separate blocks).

Don’t do “poms”—timed sessions of 25 minutes with five-minute breaks in between—for writing.

6.4 The form of re-examination recommended by the Board of Examiners may include the following: 6.4.1 That the candidate be permitted to resubmit the dissertation in a revised form not later (except in cases of illness or other good cause) than twelve months after the decision to allow resubmission has been made by the Board of the Faculty.

If at least one of the Examiners so wishes, he/she may require the candidate to undergo an oral or written examination or both.

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