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Or should we, instead, look to ourselves for inspiration and the discretion to know what is right?The answers to these questions should become apparent when we know celebrities are commonly drug-affected, usually lend themselves to an unstable family life, and are associated with a high rate of crime.They are worshiped in bedrooms by way of large posters displaying their photoshopped bodies, they are read about obsessively through social media and news, and their advice is even heeded in regard to global issues and personal difficulties.Should celebrities be honored with this type of reverence?In another study by the Rochester think tank , cultural psychologist Damond Poppard noted how children through the ages of 7-15 in Britain were 13.3% more likely to purchase illegal drugs after following the lives of celebrities via social media platforms for a three-month period (Poppard 56).If we believe celebrities are decent role-models for families, we need to think again.DON’T over-complicate – ‘academic essay’ makes it sound like a big deal, but in terms of language and structure, it’s very similar to regular essays written throughout school. The most important thing is making sure your essay is clear, easy to understand and linked to research.So don’t stress out trying to include too much sophisticated language or complicated sentences.

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I found that sub-conclusions at the end of each section made it clear how each argument was relevant.

The celebrity lifestyle is clearly not an advantageous example for the public in terms of family life.

We would not want our children, or our adult friends as well, to be associated with criminals, right?

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