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An example of this would be when Gillespie is angry or disturbed by Tibbs actions, he acts very calm and does not ever get angry.

Despite all the hatred and anger people have for him he still continues to act in a civilized and well-behaved manor towards his co-workers and the people around him On the other hand, Bill Gillespie is a totally different character.

In the novel they are shown as two completely opposite characters whose personalities differ almost completely.

Take for an example the scene in which Tibbs is surrounded by a gang of blood thirsty locals.

When Gillespie arrives to save the day, he simply gives them a warning and tells them to go home.

It is only when they insult him personally that he becomes angry and takes a swing. In the end, after the murder is solved and racial injustice is swept back under the rug, Tibbs and Gillespie say their farewells and continue on with their very different lives.

Soon after we are presented that Tibbs is an officer and that is a shock to Gillespie.

Virgil Tibbs is a very well educated man, who is calm and patient with others.

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