Is Technology Ruining Our Lives Essay

I personally believe that these things that we use everyday are helping to better our lives.

I am in another debate with a similar topic but unfortunately the guy is not responding, just my luck!

So for anyone that might have read that one, I apologize for sounding like a broken record :) Anyways lets jump right in!

We are also starting to see the implementing of Smartboard technology in the classrooms.

If it is presented in the way of opportunities and growth, only then are we able to see a society less addicted to Farmville and more addicted to politics, world news, design, etc.

We have to embrace that the age of computers and the growth of technology is upon us. My definition of technology is quite different then side opposition's.

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When I say technology I am talking about the things we use in our everyday lives; laptops, TV, gaming consoles, cellphones, etc.

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