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The refusal of the UK to allow Shamima Begum, the school girl who left London in 2015 to join ISIS, to return to England is the most recent example of the fear of home-grown terrorism and the enemy “within”.

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Islamic cultures now came to be seen as spheres of Western patronage, secular and religious.

The success of Christianity, having renounced the sword, was due to divine favour. This Western image of a benign, peaceful Christianity against a malevolent, violent Islam was a mythical one.

With few exceptions, its proponents ignored both the violence that often went along with the spread of Christianity and the religious tolerance that often accompanied the extension of Islam.

The image of a vibrant, active, progressive West against a passive, inert Islam was congenial to colonial enterprise.

Ironically, the religion of aggressive action now came to be viewed as passively stagnant, decadent and degenerate, ripe for domination by an assertive West.

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