Keynes Essays In Biography How To Write An Conclusion For An Essay

Keynes was born into a moderately prosperous family.His father, John Neville Keynes, was an economist and later an academic administrator at the King’s College, Cambridge.Most of the essays in this book were first collected and published in 1933, when Keynes had reached a turning point in a highly successful career as an academic economist, as an official economic advisor, opponent of the reparation imposed on Germany and critic of the orthodox economic policies of British governments.Before devoting himself fully to the final stages of his journey towards The General Theory, Keynes put together these examples of one of his favourite literary genres, the psychological portrait and biographical sketch.Cambridge also introduced Keynes to an important group of writers and artists. Strachey, who had entered Cambridge two years before Keynes, inducted the younger man into the exclusive private club known simply as “the Society.” Its members and associates (some of them homosexual, like Keynes himself) were the leading spirits of Bloomsbury.Throughout his life Keynes was to cherish the affection and respond to the influence of this group.

In 1925 he opposed Britain’s return to the gold standard at the prewar dollar–pound ratio of .86; and, long before the Great Depression, Keynes expressed concern over the persistent unemployment of British coal miners, shipyard workers, and textile labourers.

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Governments, many of them looking for excuses to increase spending, wholeheartedly accepted Keynes’s views.

Most of his professional colleagues also accepted his views.

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