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Lewis's expedition packing list notes that fifty pipe tomahawks were to be taken on the expedition.

While Jefferson made no effort to hide the Lewis and Clark expedition from Spanish, French, and British officials, he did try to shield it from his political enemies.

Upon nearing the end of the class's study of Lewis and Clark and the Expedition of the Corps of Discovery, ask students to review their unit notes, recall class discussions, and look at their journals and maps.

When Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark into the West, he patterned their mission on the methods of Enlightenment science: to observe, collect, document, and classify.

Their understandings of landscapes, peoples, and resources formed both a contrast and counterpoint to those of Jefferson's travelers.

This part of the exhibition presents five areas where Lewis and Clark's ideas and values are compared with those of native people.

Sometimes the similarities are striking; other times the differences stand as a reminder of future conflicts and misunderstandings.

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Lewis and Clark brought at least eighty-nine medals in five sizes in order to designate five “ranks” of chief. Clark modeled this speech to the Yellowstone Indians on one that Lewis gave to Missouri River tribes.As Jefferson told Lewis, “it will now be proper you should inform those through whose country you will pass . But behind these symbols and rituals there were often very different ways of understanding power and authority.Such differences sometimes made communication across the cultural divide difficult and open to confusion and misunderstanding.Each section of the document was really a question in search of a western answer.Two generations of American explorers marched the West in search of those answers. that you have opened your ears to your great father's voice.” The certificate on display was left over from the expedition.When the two groups met—whether for trade or diplomacy—each tried to reshape the other in their own image.Lewis and Clark sought to impose their own notions of hierarchy on Indians by “making chiefs” with medals, printed certificates, and gifts.Native people tried to impose the obligations of kinship on the visitors by means of adoption ceremonies, shared names, and ritual gifts.The Lewis and Clark expedition was in many ways an infantry company on the move, fully equipped with rifles of various kinds, muskets, and pistols. Named after the Dutch words for “thunder gun,” the blunderbuss was unmistakable for its heavy stock, short barrel, and wide-mouthed muzzle.Such strategies were already in place for the epic voyages made by explorers like Cook and Vancouver.Like their contemporaries, Lewis and Clark were more than representatives of European rationalism.

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