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Godinez-Ortega The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country's history.He wrote Magat, Ama ng Lahing Kayumanggi, a novel, in prose with Macario Pineda as co-atuhor. His lyric poems Ang Nayon ko and Gagamba at Alitaptap have been anthologized in Walong Dekada ng Makabagong Tulang Pilipino, 1981.In 1937, Mar Antonio won a gold medal in the annual choice by the Kapisanang Ilaw ng Bayan in Bulacan for his poem, “Ang Nayon Ko.” He was proclaimed poet laureate by the Kapisanang Diwang Ginto for his poem, “Ilaw.”, and by Liwayway in 1938.In 1987, the CCP Literary Contest awarded him a prize for his short story “Ang Walang Lubay na Istasyon ng Pag-asa (The Unending Stations of Hope and Search).The following poems have won in the annual poetry contest of the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (oe KWF, formerly the Surian ng Wikang Pambansa and later Linangan ng mga Wika sa Pilipinas): “Kalatas kay Pinang” (Letter to Pinang) and “Umulan Man at Umaraw” (Rain or Shine); and “Malayo Na Ang Narating Ng Prusisyon” (The Procession Has Covered a Lot of Ground).KWF has proclaimed him Poet of the Year three times, the first time in 1988 for his poem “Polusyon” (Pollution) and 2 nd Prize for the same award for a poem on the great plebeian Andres Bonifacio in 2009. In 1941, he married Andrea Teodoro and they had six children, one of whom is poet Teo Antonio.His book was born on 11 December 1903 in Bambang, Bulacan. He was the administrator and mediator of the balagtasan on radio sponsored by Compania Elizalde and wrote for their newspaper, Taliba.his poetry collections (Batanes and Other Lands, 1989) all won prizes in the Don Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature.His essay “Ang Mga Badjaw sa Tungkalang” (The Bajao of Tungkalang, 1988) also won in the Palanca Award.He also won in the first balagtasan to be aired on radio besting opponents Fernando Monleon and Francisco Paño.The topic was Sino ang Higit na Dapat Mahalin: Ina, Asawa o Anak? He is married to essayist Marites Danguilan with whom he has a son, Alab.

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