Literature Review On Unemployment Term Paper Cover Page

The various measurement instruments have contributed to guiding DW national policies in several countries.

Each of these concepts has a specific contribution to decent work and, taken together, form a valuable compass to guide the actions of social, economic and political agents.It is through remuneration that employees access quality of life and justice.Moreover, through compensation workers are rewarded for their efforts when performing their jobs.Research concerning workers’ participation has shown this has an impact on commitment, job satisfaction, trust in managers ().Moreover, it is related to the fourth objective of promoting social dialogue.Decent work is the sum of people’s aspirations in their working lives.This article aims to report the results of a systematically conducted literature review of empirical research concerning decent work.Electronic databases B-On and EBESCO host, using the keywords ‘decent work’ in the ‘title’ and ‘abstract’, yielded 689 citations.After a two-stage application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 38 articles were retained for analysis. The studies focused on work conditions in the case of decent work deficit, those workers not benefiting from decent work conditions, and what is necessary for the existence of decent work.Therefore, it is at the core of DW, although not carried out under this label.Research regarding compensation systems revealed these have an impact on work motivation and perceptions of justice ().

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