Magazine Publishing Business Plan

I have stepped down as Executive Director, leaving my baby in the hands of a team I am proud to have attracted over the last four years.Their passion and expertise has transformed an idealistic Kickstarter-backed vision into a functioning media company. For the many of you who have asked me how to start a print magazine of your own, what follows is the best advice I can offer.But I would put forth a more extreme proposition — that the magazine is not your product at all.The reality is no independent magazines survive on the traditional model of magazine and ad sales.

Over time, Makeshift has refined its target audience — globally conscious creatives — and listened to their needs.

(The organizers of these groups have asked me to kindly inform you that they’re open only to publishers of existing print magazines.

Please do not request to join unless you meet this criterion.)Partnerships with other magazines have paid off for Makeshift.

You are David facing a Goliath of distributors, retail chains, and competitors. The first hard truth is that nearly all retailers stock your title on commission, meaning they only pay the distributor when they sell a copy, meaning the distributor only pays you at that time, meaning you take on 100% of the risk of printing.

Consider the typical magazine supply chain: you print your copies, sell to distributors, who in turn sell to stockists, who in turn sell to your readers. Print fewer copies than you think you need to start, and send distributors fewer copies than they ask for.

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