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Biomass combustion chamber analysis and optimization using the toolbox Open FOAM® and the flamelet model built and published by the CRECK modeling group (Chemical Reaction Engineering and Chemical Kinetics Group, Milano, Italy). The following publication is the master thesis of Tobias Holzmann done within the Thermoprozesstechnik Group Bosch in Lollar (Gießen / Germany).

The thesis introduces the basics of computational fluid dynamics and turbulence modeling.

A detailed analysis of free-stream flames is given.

This is a mapped mesh on 2D domain where you have an inlet on the left and an outlet on the right and you are solving for fluid flow .

One important motive to the Master Thesis is to give a broad educational assignment within computational fluid dynamics to turn the student into an excellent CFD engineer. Mixing of fluid flows is an important phenomenon in a vast amount of engineering applications.

FS Dynamics provides various CFD solutions to many different industry clients that need to predict the mixing performance for their specific application.

Are you attending a Masters degree class with focus in CFD or FEM?

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