Me1 Assignments

Tl;dr I'd keep at it and finish ME1, otherwise you might get stuck with a decision later on you don't like.

I won't say why to avoid spoilers, but the mission on the moon comes back in an interesting way.

Not terrible but I am constantly wondering if I should just skip to ME2.

So far I've stuck with it and I want to get the most from it.

Sixty hours of the campaign later, plus some multiplayer, and here I am.

My official scored review went up yesterday, which is 3,400 words of detailed thoughts and opinions about the game.

You have to get through the slog to get to the good stuff.

She'll confirm she know Zabaleta and ask you to convince him to go to the veterans affairs office. You can use persuasion to convince him to go there.You can pay him, try to persuade him again or just shoot him. While riding the elevator in the Citadel, you'll hear a message from lt. Girard will give you the sedative and ask you to talk with her. Your task is to approach her without causing too much stress. When you will be close enough you can give her the sedative or applicate it yourself.Return to Girard when you are done to complete the assignment.You'll find some data regarding the Geth while finishing another (optional) mission on an uncharted planet.You have the choice of either giving it to Tali, ensuring that she has something to bring back from her pilgrimage, or you can just be a jerk and keep it.The only major difference we could find was my character was started in ME1 and his was started in ME2.So he had to look up a pretty complex path to get the resolution he wanted.You'll find out why in ME3 ;)Just the question I was about to ask.This is my first time playing the Mass Effect series, and I'm finding the first game to be a real slog to get through.This has no real consequences either way, even in future games. During UNC: Geth Incursions, Shepard can find a cache of data in a terminal detailing the early history of the Geth.If you give this to Tali, she will use it as a gift from her Pilgrimage.

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