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In the play Miss Julie says that she would have killed Jean like a wild beast and Jean goes on to compare it to the killing of a mad dog.

Jean comparing himself to a mad dog also shows how Miss Julie feels that Jean is a sick animal and deserves to die.

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Jean and Kristin were both workers and helpers for Miss Julie, and from experience and common sense, it is quite surprising that the ‘owner’ falls in love with the ‘workers’. Miss Julie, of course, doesn’t care whether Jean is taken from; she just cares about her own needs and desires. This evening we are all just enjoying ourselves together, and any rank is laid aside. In the past literature works we have read, it was quite common for the author to characterize the individuals in the plot, and did not characterize much in the dialogue. Another element that caught my interest and attention was the behaviors and the actions each character took. It is expectable from the reader’s point of view, that Jean and Kristin will spend time together, and not be any helper for anyone, but a normal engaged couple.A return to reality was proposed, with the old theatrical...In not more than 300 words, make an analytical description of naturalism and one kind of anti-naturalism.Jean looks down on Miss Julie for being surprisingly easy to obtain.While Miss Julie looks down on Jean for being a servant of hers and of a lower social class.Having Jean compare what Miss Julies did to her ex-fiancé with what some one would do to a dog shows Miss Julies drive to be the dominant one or the master.Strindberg again uses the imagery of a dog when he has Miss Julie say, "dog who wears my collar" to Jean.Miss Julie is already the dominating figure within the play showing a disregard for gender and class conventions, these themes and the idea of a power struggle that forms tension between characters should be drawn upon when taking a directorial approach to staging the play.Miss Julie is widely regarded as the most important drama to come from naturalism.When Miss Julie finds out that she doesn’t have a dance partner, she decides to bring Jean for her partner. However, in this work, Miss Julie, the Strindberg did not use any explanation in the plot, nor did he write a small caption how each individual behaves. This evening we are all just enjoying ourselves together, and any rank is laid aside. However, Jean took the other side of the choice, and stuck with Miss Julie.It was seen the Jean had to dance with Miss Julie, but Jean was with her and helped even after the dance.

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