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I also quite enjoyed his chapter on the cultural conceptions of "free" and "unfree" labor in the modern West.

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The third essay discusses the concept of accessibility and how accessibility measures can be used in the case of Nairobi to explore the dynamics of social exclusion across modes, residential location, and income.

This dissertation provides three examples of how sustainability goals may fall short if transportation is not viewed as a multimodal system that interacts with and shapes urban form.

I also think that Banaji's looser definition of capitalism frustrates all kinds of other Marxists particularly when looking at over-generalizations in other modes of production.

Interestingly, while there is no "pure" agrarian capitalism according to Banaji, he does prove that there was significant wage labor in both pre-modern and third world agriculture earlier than most Marxists conceive.

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I estimate the size of the effect and how long it lasts.

The built environment is durable, and urban infrastructure is costly to alter post-construction, so land use and transport decisions made early in a city’s history can have a lasting environmental impact.

The second essay exploits a natural experiment to quantify the impact of bikesharing on bus transit ridership in New York City.

Banaji's descripti I have to say that this book is the single most inspiring piece of historical materialist theory that I have ever read since reading Marx's own "18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte." Banaji reinvigorates historical materialist theory by injecting it with the most thorough understanding of global history that I have seen.

Banaji's description of the "tributary mode of production" is penetrating and thoroughly evidenced and his call for historians to use historical materialism to try to find the "complex trajectories" of a society is good advice for explicitly Marxist and non-Marxist historians alike.

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