Monthly Homework

When Autumn was in Kindergarten, her teacher did a monthly homework folder. I don't really know how that day's math lesson is going to go. I put one of these in there for each week of the month (I try to match my themes for the week). If they really don't end up getting it, or sailing through it (we can all wish for that, right!? I don't want work to always be associated with reading. Plus, as a parent, I'm really bad at signing things on a nightly basis. We have the students read ten minutes and then color in a picture.My grade level partner Susan over at Friendly Froggies designed thematic reading logs for us and they work great.), then I might need to change up my math plans a bit. But I don't require them keep reading logs, especially in 1st grade. Now, these pages sometimes have questions that the student and/or parent might not get...

Monthly Homework-89Monthly Homework-15

I moved from kindergarten to second grade and having trouble with homework.

Each week we put in a practice math page and language arts page.

These are usually some sort of a review of topics we have already taught.

I know it’s important to start teaching kids about responsibility, but I also know my kid and some days we are just busy after school.

We don’t get home until late, eat dinner late and then he just wants to play, not just do homework. So a few years back my grade level began a monthly homework packet and I love it!

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