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The usage of multimedia is not just limited to marketing, rather in the educational institutes and corporate enterprises, projectors and presentations are in daily use for presentations.In the field of engineering, besides the signal processing techniques, large number of softwares are implemented that are used in building constructions, bridges and dams constructions, all courtesy the multimedia and invention of computers.

For the first, where the main job is not to understand the nature of the data contained in the packets, the task is to simply move as many as possible as fast as possible.

With such a rich, net-centric computing environment requiring an array of processor capabilities, hardware vendors at a number of network, embedded and general-purpose microprocessor conferences recently have announced a wide range of architectures, which are able to improve all business operations and cycles that are being currently used by various enterprises.

The pursuit has resulted in comfort and color in life.

They will become self-customizing, intelligent, Internet ... Others are using streaming multimedia to sell products, and the average consumer is buying computers and a variety of new information appliances with as much multimedia capability as they can afford. are accepting customers’ requests of information and now even orders for ... Transferring data in electronic form is actually ... audio, video, and data information as coded light pulses.

(Finley) Out in the Internet infrastructure on the servers, routers and switches that move the data, the problem is even more complex. New services for customers, 3 D high definition TV, virtual reality information ... These lines convey digital data quickly, which allows much faster access to the Internet ...

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