Mythology Research Papers

C.), will find that this same Oracle was consulted over twenty times.

And while Thucydides, who was himself sceptical, noted that oracles often caused people to delude themselves, and that there had been but one instance during the time covered by his history in which people who put their trust in oracles were not deluded, the fact remains that the statesmen of the times, as evidenced by their consulting these oracles so many times, did place a degree of faith in them.

” Thus, in ancient Greece the Gods were everywhere.

They were embedded in the consciousness one had of the land itself, in the theater, in sports, in drama, in music, in pottery, in painting, in politics, in the stars and planets, in curios and gem stones.

You can watch movies, read books, find novels, and interact with others to find some good topics.

You can choose to talk about one of the gods they believed in or explore the adventures of the heroes.

Myth was involved with athletic performance; the work of Pindar, in praise of athletes, made use of myths as paradigms. , begin with a stanza in which at least some, and often many, mythological deities are mentioned.

It is, indeed, quite impossible for a modern to understand what Pindar is saying without a handbook of Greek mythology close at hand.

Plato did not believe in Homer, but he quoted him more than one hundred times.

And, while he would have banned their works in his perfect state, Plato loved both Homer and Hesiod. The myths were not true for him, but they still exerted a powerful influence.

Thus, in the , he had Socrates say to those who had condemned him to death, that if death were to take one to an afterlife in which one met those who had already died, then “How much would one of you give to meet Orpheus and Musaeus, Hesiod, and Homer?

Even in today’s history, a large number of people believe in these myths and creatures.

It would be fun if you were to write a term paper about Greek mythology because the subject has many interesting reads.

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