Netflix Case Study Problem Statement

He had spent his internship learning how to research companies for two senior analysts to whom he reported.It had been a steep learning curve for Chris, a finance major in his senior year at an East Coast university.That’s right: we need to know what awaits the company (and all of us) in the year 2019. And it is a great time for Netflix that can expand to various territories, especially those where English has a privilege of the second language! We’ll see…In the meantime, we can expect that Netflix will continue its triumphal march through the digital media space.

The service offered by this website has re-shaped the way users consume media as well as how the entertainment industry approaches its intended market.But nothing can be better than a good business reputation, customer loyalty, and a touch of individuality. CASE DESCRIPTION The primary subject matter of this case concerns company analysis.Richardson, a very head strong individual, wasn't about to let Ms. He quickly responded "Maria, you're really off base with Netflix.It would be against our fiduciary responsibility to add it to the portfolio." You could see that Ms. Her face was red and she raised her voice a couple of levels and said "Joe, you have to trust me on this one. Richardson said "alright Maria, let's get Chris to pull together a report covering Netflix's background and the factors affecting the company this past year that could help us make a decision. INTRODUCTION Rushing into the offices of Horizon Capital Invest (Note that Horizon Capital Invest, Brighton Portfolio, and the characters are fictitious), Chris Thompson almost knocked into the CEO, Ms. "Whew" said Chris under his breath after apologizing to the CEO.It was the last week of April 2012 and Chris had one week left in a four month internship for this prestigious money management firm.With his i Pad in one hand and his coffee in the other, he glanced at the clock as he entered the conference room. The stock has plummeted over the past ten months and I would not consider it a value play." Before Chris could even begin taking notes Ms.Chris had 30 seconds to spare and thought to himself, "another close call. Hunter said pretty forcefully "Come on Joe, this is a great company.Secondary issues include financial statement analysis, corporate strategy and international expansion.The case has a difficulty level of three and should be appropriate for undergraduate and graduate courses in investments and financial and strategic management.

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