Open Essay Competition 2013

Their inspirational pieces of writing testify to their strong desire to make a difference.” Two other pupils to be presented with medals for their essays Head Teacher Anne Green has announced that as well as Nathan Swain being the outright winner of the Junior Essay Competition, out of only eight entries two other St Mary's School pupils have been awarded medals for their excellent essays.

Randall Repetto has been awarded a gold in the junior category and Jade Repetto a bronze in the Senior category.

As I learn, the skills will be passed from those people on to me. My dad learnt how to be a carpenter from his dad and I will learn the skills from my dad.

When the children entered the competition, we just thought that was that and didn't dream that one of them would be a winner.

We do not have an airport so the boats have to take the islanders off to a nearby ship.

If the volcano ever erupted then boats can be used to evacuate people.

I could also use my carpentry skills to build boats.

On Tristan boats are used for fishing, sailing to the nearby islands, and travelling around Tristan to reach the cattle that are kept there.

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