Personal Statement For Child And Adolescent Psychiatry

This site conducts many autism evaluations and residents will participate in specialized evaluations including the ADOS.Northside Behavioral Health is a community mental center in Tampa located close to USF’s campus.At this site, residents will see youth in the substance treatment program for diagnostic evaluation and medication management as part of the multidisciplinary treatment team.Interdisciplinary Center for Evaluation and Intervention (ICEI) at USF.Residents will work with an interdisciplinary team to perform in depth psychiatric evaluations on children and adolescents admitted to inpatient psychiatry unit.These patients will be followed closely for the duration of their stay.The second year of the training is all outpatient care.

Residents will see patients at this site for a minimum of a half-day per week throughout the two year program.Second year residents also see patients at an outpatient substance abuse treatment center and a community mental health center.Research opportunities are available for interested residents.Residents will conduct diagnostic assessments and see follow up patients employing both medication management as well as psychotherapy for patients under their care. Petersburg, FL is a pediatric multidisciplinary hospital with a variety of associated outpatient clinics.During the program, residents will see patients at the Pediatric Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic and the Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsychiatry.Residents will also perform psychiatric consultation for patients admitted to the hospital.Gracepoint Children’s Crisis Stabilization Unit in Tampa.Residents will work at a variety of sites during their first year including genetics, pediatric neurology and Early Steps developmental assessment clinic.Phoenix House is an outpatient substance abuse treatment center.Residents will work here a half day per week in their first year doing psychiatric assessments and medication management visits.Children’s Medical Services has a building on USF’s campus that houses clinics for a number of pediatric specialties providing care to patients with Medicaid or local/state funding.

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