Persuasive Essays On Feminism

Many women are now even managing their own families, without the help or support of a man. FEMINISM Feminism is the doctrine that advocates equal rights for women. Feminism promotes inclusion, individual identity, and acceptance. Men are also being helped because their wives are now able to help with financial needs; they aren"t depended on for the only source of income for their family anymore. In 1848, the Declaration of Sentiments, which raised important issues such as women’s equality in the rights of property, marriage, and free choice of profession was adopted. In 1860, after an appeal by Elizabeth Stanton, the Legislature of New York accepted the act, which guaranteed any woman the right to keep money she earned and equal right to share custody of the children with her husband.Emmeline Pankhurst was one of the founders of the movement for women’s right to vote in elections (to have suffrage).Feminists and historians identified three stages in the development of the women’s movement.The second half of 19th century is the period when an organized women’s movement started.When members of this organization were subjected to arrests and imprisonment for trivial manifestations of supporting the movement, many of them decided to express their protest by hunger strike.

This is true about feminism, but I believe there is more to feminism than political, economical, and social equality. Feminism is not one specific subject, but is many subjects and viewpoints put together. Feminism is a movement to win political, economic, and social equality for women. The understanding of feminism goes way beyond the Western view; to understand feminism one must be able to acknowledge those who stand outside the Eurocentric view and look beyond it to bring both into the same perspective (485). Feminism itself is a movement that is capable of aiming for the equal rights for all women on the grounds of political, social and economic situations (485). Feminism 2 Feminism has historically taken many forms and continues to evolve within our current society. There is significant overlap in the categories of feminism. Feminism in its purest form has Feminism 3 furthered rights for women and worked side by side with other causes, such as civil rights. In a narrow sense it is the women’s movement, which has a goal to eliminate discrimination against them.The first demands for equality were put forward by women during the American Revolutionary War.The emergence of the third stage refers to the 1990s and it is existing now.For many years women have been considered to be the secondary figure.Women’s subordination also was fixed in religious thought: woman is essentially a secondary creature, as man-made from Adam’s rib.In the sphere of ethics, feminist thought was oriented on the statement that the main subject of such ethics was the man.Women now have power in government and they hold high and powerful jobs. They have gained their independence from a male dominated society and are rising to become less dependent on their husbands for financial support. Feminism took a long time to develop because it challenged assumptions about social order. I believe that women have every right to be equal with men and feminism is what is slowly accomplishing this. Feminism is beneficial to men, women, and their families because it is allowing mothers, daughters, and sisters to have an equal opportunity in life to achieve all they can without any discrimination based on their sex.

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