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"We do need to go to demonstrations and sit in at congresspeople's offices and blockade weapons factories and things like that, but we also have to realize that our prosperity is built on war and we need to find alternatives," said Terrell.The goal is "to try to find economic relationships that are fair and that are not exploiting other people and not hurting the Earth." Anglada agreed.While he outlined a three-point program of action — roundtable discussions for "the clarification of thought," houses of hospitality where the works of mercy could be practiced, and founding farming communes or "agronomic universities" — Maurin needed help to implement his vision.In 1932, he sought out Day, a journalist and Catholic convert living in New York City.

Day once said that Maurin's dedication to voluntary poverty was so extreme that perhaps the only possession he really valued was his mind.Maurin "presented a vision of farming communities that honored mind, body and spirit," said Eric Anglada, who felt burnt out after living in an urban Catholic Worker and joined St.Isidore Catholic Worker Farm in Cuba City, Wisconsin.But the first edition was filled with Day's articles on the oppression of workers, as well as his essays.Maurin was disappointed and walked out the room, not to return for some time.While Day understood and supported Maurin's message, she also brought her own ideas and expertise.When Maurin convinced Day to start a newspaper to spread his ideas, he imagined it would consist of nothing but his own "Easy Essays," short poetic compositions written in blank verse, meant to be read aloud, and filled with repetition and plays on words to catch people's attention and be accessible to all.While The Catholic Worker newspaper had originally called for the church to establish houses of hospitality, readers' confusion and Day and Maurin's generosity made Day's apartment a hub for those in need of a meal or a cup of coffee.Before long, they were renting a larger space to care for people, and then a whole building.Discussions for clarification of thought were also organized early on, and a farming commune eventually followed.Maurin remained a central figure in the movement, even though Day's approach, rooted in her urban background and her experience with journalism, protests and activism for issues such as workers' rights, differed from Maurin's.

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