Phd Thesis E-Government

The analysis of the project goals showed a skewed distribution of goals between the different layers in the NIST model.

A conceptual framework was developed due to the lack in the literature of theoretical models and frameworks for e-government adoption in developing countries.Another finding was the lack of work published on the likelihood of e-services being used under the influence of civil conflicts and violence.The thesis generates a comprehensive list of e-skills required to utilize G2C, G2B and G2E services, and found those skills are no merely technical.The problem was investigated by means of a case study in the Danish tax authorities SKAT.An experimental comparative test was designed on the basis of a preceding domain study, clarifying the seeking behaviour in e-government.Author claim a barrier for success are the social, economic, technological, and environmental challenges associated with developing countries, being those aspects widely undermined and ignored in previous studies.Thesis started with a thorough analysis of e-Gov literature that deals with the issues/topics related to developing countries from a socio-technical theory perspective, found the prominent challenges is the low level of ICT literacy and skills of the users in developing countries.Hence, the main aim of the research was to investigate the situation of the Jordanian e Government websites with a view to improving usability, as well as to propose a roadmap to reinforce websites usability in order to achieve better utilisation and a more successful e Government project in Jordan.This research investigated the level of usability from a manager's perspective and an end-user's perspective; based on that a model was established to improve the usability of e Government websites through a clear roadmap.The model has four components: website manager and designer, end-users, usability committee (advisory, executive), design process (usability requirements, pre-implementation test, post-implementation and maintenance).The model which was established and evaluated can be very beneficial for promoting e Government websites usability, in Jordan particularly and in other countries with similar backgrounds and situations.: The overall purpose of this thesis was to investigate if automatic assigned indexing methods can improve professional users' access to work-based documents in the domain of e-government.

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