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Note that a literature review is an analytical summary of the past work relevant to your topic.This is more than just writing a paragraph summarizing the main point of each article you read!Time spent thinking about and planning how you will structure your thesis is time well spent.Start to organise the material that you have already written into folders relating to each chapter.I originally planned out 7 chapters, but ended up with 8, on account of needing to add another data chapter because I had two main data sets in answer to my question, and then some other data that didn’t fit in those chapters, but was still actually really important.So it ended up being data chapter 1, and sort of took the place of the methodology chapter too, but also linked my last lit review with my first proper data chapter a lot better than they had been. My chapters ended up being thus: : Lit Review 3 – this second theory was used to actually collect the data, so it was a bit methodology like as well, but I flagged that up specifically in Chapter 5 in it’s own part – this was also the unique part of my thesis, so it was the Key Chapter : Conclusion – summary of findings, limitations of research, future research, unexpected conclusions, conclusion (this was a page long).

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In this chapter there should be clear hypotheses development and statement of the study’s hypotheses.Your discipline might have a specific number of chapters and a general format to use for a thesis. Most theses are 5-6 chapters, though, and generally range from 50,000-80,000 words.Ask as many people as you can who are doing similar work to you and take the average, or their best recommendations. Humanities subjects are normally on the high end, while science is normally lower (because of all those graphs).Remember, every thesis is different, so this is just a sample.When I first started writing-up, I had a very general thesis outline, but as I got further along that got more and more detailed. You don’t have to know everything you’re going to write and where it will go when you start – you just have to start.However, check with your thesis supervisor up front to see what style he or she would like you to follow.For example, if you have decided to target a certain journal with your work, it may be most expedient to format the citations and references in your thesis in the format required by that journal.People have different preferences in terms of writing.Think about the approach that will work best for you.The following techniques may help you to decide upon a structure.Once a rough structure is sketched out, it is a good idea to assign each chapter a likely word length and, if possible, a deadline for a first draft.

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