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• Trudeau was struck with wanderlust at an early age and wrote about it in a high school essay.He recalled in his memoirs, "I wanted to know everything and experience everything in every realm." He also described, "Maybe the essay even envisaged that some day, at the end of my life, I might become an important figure such as a governor general or a prime minister.

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don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to read more about Sir Robert Borden. He served for nearly nine years—longer than Pearson or Diefenbaker and almost as long as Mulroney.This particular TV interview was described as "spectacular, dazzling and impressive." (The New Yorker, 1967) • Optics aside, Trudeau did invigorate the national debate with his first important piece of legislation, the controversial Omnibus Bill. • In an editorial, the Globe and Mail praised, "Mr.Trudeau (doubtless it will go down as his bill) has done what we had hoped he would have the courage to do.He has made a valiant go of it, and the result has real value.English follows Trudeau from the day he became Liberal leader to the day Justin Trudeau pronounced the eulogy at his father’s funeral. He takes pains to give appropriate space to all the myriad issues that tugged at the prime minister’s sleeve during a period of global upheaval and wrenching domestic change.Trudeau, a colourful, freethinking intellectual whose taste for sandals, bright shirts and casual ascots will bring a new look to the Justice Department." (April 5, 1967) • Canadians were intrigued by the cool and articulate politician.Trudeau was a natural in front of the camera, a major factor in his meteoric political success. The bill appealed for changes in the criminal code with regard to issues of homosexuality, abortion and divorce law.Precisely who, they wonder, is this charismatic and cocky bon vivant?In this interview, Trudeau tells thrilling tales of his globetrotting youth and explains how his travels uniquely shaped his point of view.He lightly defends his rebel brand of politics and bemusedly addresses questions about his perpetual bachelor status.Doing backflips off a diving board, driving in his sexy sports car and walking the hurried streets of Montreal - this is Pierre Trudeau.

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