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My biggest take-away from being back in a regular class last year was that until I know what my students know I need to assume that they don't know what I assume they should know. I don't think you should always model math concepts first but in this case I wanted to teach them the problem solving process and I wanted them to do it my way.The strategies that they use to solve the problem - that's all them - but my students needed this scaffold until they internalized the process. Explain to your students that mathematicians use an organized process to record their thinking when solving problems and that today they are going to learn how to use a problem solving graphic organizer. So many students see being successful in math as being able to solve a problem the fastest.This problem solving graphic organizer is what my school decided to use last year.Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Problem And Solution Graphic Organizer.Some of the worksheets displayed are Story map 2, Using graphic organizers reading comprehension paragraph, Graphic organizers work, Graphic organizer book gr 23, Problem solution, Name date problem solution organizer, Possible problem possible solution, Comprehension.

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Using an organizer to solve a word problem may include organizing given information or developing a plan for solving the problem.

An alternate strategy employs some of the same methods in using steps to solve a problem but asks students to list or illustrate steps on a graphic organizer.

Graphic organizers can be used in a variety of ways in the math classroom.

My students always want to jump in at this point and help solve it, which is great, but encourage them to just listen and absorb. I would enlarge this onto 11x14 paper so that group members can see and to facilitate sharing later on.

I purposely only give one box at a time, otherwise the students want to race ahead to the solving part.

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