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It is important to learn how to solve these problems because you will come across these types of problem not only in your math class but also in real life.Being able to solve these types of problems when you need to is a good skill to have.With these two equations, you can solve your problem.You see that you can plug in the second equation into the first equation. Solving this for r, you get this: r = 2r - 4 r - 2r = 2r - 4 - 2r -r = -4 r = 4 Now that you have found r, you can use this in the second equation to find out what b equals.b = 2r b = 2 * 4 b = 8 There are 8 blue marbles in James' bag. Subtraction word problems with two or more variables are math problems written in words that involve the subtraction operator and that have more than one unknown value.

There are more milk chocolates than dark chocolates.

Since you have two unknown values, you need to have two equations.

Reading your problem carefully, you see that your two equations can be found from two of the sentences in your problem.

It is these unknown values that you need to solve for.

Why do you need to learn about solving these types of problems?

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