Proper Quotation Essay Philosophical Essays Concerning Human Understanding

In this chapter, we shall follow the predominant Canadian practice of placing the period or comma within closing quotation marks and using double rather than single quotation marks (except for quotations within quotations, as illustrated in 8.08 Quotations within quotations).Use the run-in format when the quoted matter is not more than fifty words or five lines long (longer quotations should be set in block format): The quotation remains within the body of the paragraph.Note that the first letter after the ellipsis is capitalized, even though it does not begin a new sentence in the original.In legal writing, indicate any such change by enclosing the capitalized letter in square brackets.

Use a colon at the end of introductory phrases: Note that in this case the source is mentioned at the beginning of the passage and further information is given in footnotes or endnotes.

In the poem "Bushed," Earle Birney says: While every quotation must be scrupulously exact, you may wish to provide the reader with information to clarify items in the quotation.

For example, you may feel it advisable to indicate to whom the possessive adjective refers in the following: ] should not be followed by a period or an exclamation mark.

As an alternative to the use of quotation marks in the run-in format (quotations integrated into the text), direct quotations may be indicated by means of indentation and/or reduced leading (space between lines) or font size, called the block format.

Whichever format is adopted, the quoted matter should normally be faithfully reproduced in every detail: the spelling, punctuation and other characteristics of the original may not be changed without good reason (see 8.10 Insertions, alterations and parentheses for information on insertions in and alterations to quoted matter).

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