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Ethical egoism says they should only care about their self-interest.An ethical egoist shouldn’t care about the future and posterity because she will be dead in the future.If an ethical egoist counters that their “self” includes their grandchildren, notice how the meaning of “self” has been greatly inflated to meet the posterity objection.If one allows this inflated definition of self, the theory is now closer to utilitarianism than ethical egoism.**Some ethical egoists also argue it’s bad because the object of the murderer’s self-interest is bad.

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Most egoists believe you should sometimes help others, but only because it is in your interest.Universal ethical egoism is the idea that everyone ought to seek their own self-interest, not just me.Universal Ethical Egoism is stronger because it includes everyone, not just myself.If it is, it should be able to: A) explain, or be consistent with, your core moral beliefs and, B) help you lead a meaningful and flourishing life.It should also be based on facts when facts are relevant.There is, after all, a chance you will get caught and end up in prison.Or maybe some God will send you to Hell for murder.Therefore, most people hold beliefs that are inconsistent with ethical egoism. Can you find examples of acts that you think are wrong even though they are in your self-interest? So, ethical egoism may be true, but this type of argument does not support it because it presupposes caring for others for their own sake, not simply because it is in my self-interest.In my experience, most ethical egoists are inconsistent because they believe such acts are good They shouldn’t.As we will see later, this may be a problem for EE. Individual ethical egoism is the idea everyone ought to serve my interests.An act is good only if it benefits me, and morality dies when I die.

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