Queen Mary Literary Essay Conference Prolife Prochoice Essay

We hope for an edited volume to result from the conference.

To offset unconscious biases against accepting female work demonstrated in different fields in recent studies, the papers will be blind-reviewed.According to classic works like Walton’s (2014) have put under pressure this conception of the fiction/nonfiction divide.Surprisingly, documentaries are seldom mentioned in this debate, which has so far mainly focused on literary narratives.PROGRAMME Abstracts and Biographies REGISTER HERE Confirmed keynote speakers: Anshuman A.Mondal (UEA), ‘Hate Speech, Free Speech and Religious Freedom’ Anshuman A.Documentaries and the Fiction/Nonfiction Divide Queen Mary University of London, November 15-16, 2019 Website: https://aestheticsfilmstudies.weebly.com/ The project has received funding from the British Society for Aesthetics.Confirmed keynotes: Professor Brian Winston, Lincoln Chair, Lincoln School of Film and Media, University of Lincoln.Also included should be names and institutional affiliation for the three presenters and the name, institutional affiliation, contact details, and institutional affiliation for the chair.Panel conveners will be also requested to conform to the Good Practice Policy making sure that at least two of the panellists (including the convener/chair) are female.With Tanja Dreher, he is also editing a volume on the ethical responsiveness entitled Paying Attention: Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference (Palgrave, forthcoming).Devorah Baum (University of Southampton) Dr Devorah Baum is Associate Professor in English Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Southampton and an affiliate of the Parkes Institute.

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