Recommendation Letter For Permanent Residency Application

How to avoid: Make sure that only your eligible dependents are listed as dependents.

4) Employment Letters Do Not Comply with Requirements – Most programs require that work experience be proven by providing an employment letter.

Canada has over 60 immigration programs, each with its own unique set of criteria.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) makes every effort to create programs with requirements that are clear.

2) Language Test Scores are Insufficient – Most Canadian permanent residency programs require proof of proficiency in either English or French.

Proficiency is defined according to the Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) system.

How to avoid: Even short vacations should be noted on a travel history.

For personal history, periods of time when you were unemployed should still be accounted for.

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However, applicants must meet minimum CLB levels in all language abilities being evaluated for a program.

However, some applicants misunderstand this limitation and list other family members such as parents or siblings as dependents.

These individuals may not be included on an application, and doing so may slow down and application’s processing time.

You should double- and triple-check this part of your application to make sure that dates align properly.

These dates should also correspond with supporting documents such as letters of reference.

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