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The trade associations are naturally doing a bit of celebratory back slapping and trumpeting how good things are now.

I'm not convinced by this argument because my guess, and it is a guess, is that the market is shrinking.

As such, the employer can make an informed decision, by choosing himself a certain person.

Recruitment agencies can also select employees who are not German residents; if so, the company will act as an intermediary between the foreign citizen and the German employer, by accommodating the needs of the foreigner relocating in Germany.

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A German recruitment company will provide professional recruitment services, available to both legal entities and natural persons.Employer branding A tough area for an agency to compete.With the longer connection times, hiring companies are recognising the benefit of attracting people to the company rather than specific jobs.The agency will represent the interests of the companies which have job openings, by seeking out the best candidate who will meet the relevant criteria.Recruitment agencies can promote the job announcements of the employers through relevant communication means (newspapers and online environment); at the same time, the agency can select persons through recruiting and headhunting activities, which usually mean that the recruiter will present the employer the best CVs for the position.There is limited value in introductions, recruiters need to be thinking about what they can offer that is different.Direct sourcing More and more organisations are developing a direct sourcing capability.For some it is hard to see that change is needed because the market is experiencing a bit of a recovery.This means that many are performing better than they did for the last few years, things look like they are on the up. Theres lots of people who will disagree with this, who are resistant and insist that nothing has really changed, but it has.Things have changed, because the world has changed and the market is shrinking.

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